Customised Electric Motors

For applications where a standard electric motor off the shelf won’t do, OEMs turn to Gibbons’ customised motors for a one-off product designed to their specification.

From countless colour choices to unique shaft variations, our customised electric motors service means OEMs can offer their clients unique products that promote a consistent brand and a smart, professional image.

Along with meeting your precise specification, with a rating of up to IE4 these motors achieve the same high performance and energy efficiency you’d expect from any standard Gibbons product.

Personalisation options include:

Bespoke nameplate

We tailor your motor’s nameplate with unique information such as your company logo, part number and contact details.

Mechanical modifications

For specialist applications we provide shaft variations, modified flanges and multi mount to your specification. We also supply aluminium frames which are light and offer high corrosion resistance.

Colour choice

Whether it’s to match your company logo or the driven equipment, we’ll supply your motor in the colour of your choice.

For more information on our customisable electric motors service, call us on 01621 868 138 or email

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