To run an electric motor at the desired speed, mechanical controls have traditionally been used to slow down and control output.

Rather like constantly heating a room to the highest temperature and opening the window to cool down the room, this form of control gives an extremely inefficient result, with a lot of wasted energy and materials.

Is there a more efficient alternative?

Yes! Sitting between the electrical supply and the motor (or other driven equipment), a variable speed drive can regulate the amount of power that is fed to the equipment in the first place. That means it can be run at the desired speed using much less energy.

In fact, variable speed drives have been shown to cut energy bills by up to 60%!

If it all sounds too good to be true, you don’t have to take our word for it. ABB have released a useful energy save calculator, which can give you an idea of the energy savings you could make. Check it out here.

What next?

We’ve been founder members of ABB’s Value Provider network since it began over 20 years ago.

When you choose an ABB drive, you’re choosing reliability, longevity and cutting-edge technology. That’s why ABB have a specially selected network of suppliers who they trust to supply their drives.

Our Value Provider status means we have a huge stock of ABB drives available to our customers and all of our engineers are ABB-trained specialists.

It’s no wonder national water providers, huge grocery retailers and leading UK maltsters have all turned to us when looking to cut energy bills and improve efficiency!

To speak to a member of our team give us a call on 01621 868 138 or email us at

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