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Global data losses and downtime costs amount to a staggering £1.36 trillion per year – £4,500 per minute – according to a report in The Energyst.

The article (‘Driving energy efficiency’ – January 2017) highlights the vast costs incurred when data centres experience downtime, with loss of revenue accompanied by a drop in customer confidence.

It is predicted that, within seven years, business servers across the world will process a quantity of digital data equivalent to a stack of books measuring 4.37 light years. Therefore, ensuring instant accessibility to the enormously valuable data carried by mainframes and servers within data centres is critical for helping data centre managers to achieve an industry-standard target of 99.9999 per cent reliability.

Air handling equipment within data centres runs to strict tolerances in order to accurately regulate humidity, cool the air and keep it free of dust particles that may affect equipment performance. That’s not to mention running costs.

Hearing, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and humidification systems consume one watt of energy for every watt used by information processing and storage equipment and represent a vast operating expense.

Reducing running costs while maintaining reliability in data centres requires high-performance, energy-efficient equipment along with the experience and expertise of an air handling solutions provider such as Gibbons Engineering Group.

Working with multinational technology companies, for many years Gibbons has supplied, installed and maintained HVAC and humidification systems in data centres, using ABB variable-speed drives alongside the latest energy-efficient air handling equipment to maximise performance and significantly reduce energy use.

Find out more about reducing downtime and maximising energy efficiency in data centres by calling Gibbons’ HVAC Services Manager Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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