Empty Grain Store

Looking at your empty grain store and making a checklist before harvest? Having a grain cooling system that is easy to use is essential. As you are planning this year’s harvest while your grain stores are empty you might be checking out your options. There is a huge variety of cooling ranges available to an arable farmer, it can be overwhelming.

So, something simple, effective, and affordable. Those are the three most important aspects to grain cooling. You don’t want to over complicate things, you want powerful fans, and for it not to cost an arm and a leg. After all, you are investing in a cooling system to maintain the worth of your grain while it is in storage – you don’t want a huge cost to have to get back.

The Plug&Cool panel

One of the most frequently asked questions put to the team at Plug&Cool is about the panel. It is the most complex aspect to the Plug&Cool range so it is understandable that farmers have questions about it.

Thankfully, for the most complex product in the range, it is fantastically simple to use.

Everything is wired up at the Plug&Cool workshop, so all you need to do is plug it in. It is that quick. No need to get electricians in, no need to have a complicated wiring set up and no need to worry about it. After you plug in your fans and set your temperature you can let it get to work.

It’s so easy to use that Plug&Cool have made it portable, so you can carry it from barn to barn depending on where you need to use it most. It is lightweight and just slots onto the wall. Particularly handy if you have grain stores in different areas of your farm.

To use the panel all you need to do is plug your fans into the starter, plug that starter into the panel and that panel into your electricity. That’s all, super easy and super quick.

Experts in the field

The benefit of ordering from the Plug&Cool range is that the company has a team of engineers available if you do have any questions about the set up or running of the system. They know the product range inside out, so they are ready for troubleshooting. They can even deliver straight to your empty grain store, ready for you to put in place.

Although Plug&Cool is one of the newest companies on the market they have a wealth of experience with panels and aluminium fans. Farmers who have bought from them before have mentioned how impressed they have been with the service they have received and the quality of the range.

So when deciding what system to invest in, take a look at Plug&Cool – you’ll wonder why you bothered to look at alternatives.

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