An excellent relationship with utilities provider Anglian Water (the largest water company in England and Wales by geographic area) has meant that for many years we’ve supplied the company’s sites with electric motors, pumps and variable-speed drives along with our full range of services including maintenance, repair and drive hire.

We’ve also welcomed many Anglian Water apprentices to our rewinds and contracts workshops to gain even more valuable experience from the expert Gibbons engineers.

With National Apprenticeship week approaching, it seemed fitting that Anglian Water apprentice Gary Darkin visited us, and before he left we had a quick chat with him.

Tell us about the course you’re studying

It’s a four-year Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance course. The first year’s full-time at college and then the three years after that it’s one week a month block release to college and the rest in the workplace.

What have you been doing with us here this week?

This week I’ve been doing some panel building – working off electrical drawings – and I’ve been in the workshop repairing some pumps which involves things like fitting new bearings.

Has it been a valuable experience for you?

It’s definitely been useful, just having the time in the workshop to work on some pumps that I perhaps wouldn’t usually repair and panel building is something new to me. I work in panels quite a lot but to actually build them from the ground up with electrical drawings is interesting and eye opening.

Here at Gibbons we also recruit our own apprentices, with a proud tradition of developing young local engineers. If you’re based in Essex and are interested in an engineering apprenticeship, call us on 01621 868138 or email to see how we can help you gain practical experience and launch your career.


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