Bipolar ionisation for odour, bacteria and virus control is becoming increasingly popular in the current climate, and Gibbons Engineering Group are not new to the benefits this can bring to your air quality.

Split air conditioning systems can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and viruses. But, they do also present an opportunity to distribute clean, disinfected air to the occupied spaces within buildings when fitted with our Bipolar Ionisation system.

Partnering with Plasma Air solutions, we are offering customers the PA600 system, which can be retrofitted to nearly all air conditioning systems and offers a quick and simple way to offer additional protection to building users.

The needlepoint and tube-style system uses Bipolar Ionisation technology, and creates millions of positive and negative ions – a proven method of virus destruction.

The ions travel through the duct system into occupied spaces where airborne viruses exist. They then attach to airborne pathogens (such as viruses) and rob the cells of life-sustaining hydrogen. This process causes an immediate deactivation of the virus, so it can no longer spread or cause infection.

What makes this technology even more powerful is that it is continuous. As long as air is flowing into the space, ionisers continue to release ions into the air and sustain better indoor air quality and a healthier indoor environment.

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Air Quality and Bipolar Ionisation
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