ABB ACQ580 Drive

The ABB ACQ580 drive has a number of built-in functionalities designed to optimise the operation of pumps in water and wastewater environments.

As a founder member of ABB’s Authorised Value Provider network, we are proud to supply state-of-the-art specialised drives for our customers in the water industry.

One of the functions featured on the ACQ580 drive is a multi-pump function that maintains stable conditions for up to 8 pumps operating together. It ensures stable and uninterrupted production if one or more pumps fail or require maintenance and also makes it possible to optimise the speed and number of pumps needed when the required flow rate is variable.

Features like this enable water companies to reduce energy consumption and the life-cycle costs of the pumping system as well as extend the lifetime of pumps.

One of the best things about the ABB ACQ580 drive is that it is amazingly easy to commission, and functions can be set up in a matter of seconds!

Don’t believe us? We challenged our engineer to commission the drive in under a minute!

Click here to watch the 60 second video
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