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Five reasons you should book your HVAC service today

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are expensive and complicated. The technology is tricky to get right, and if it goes wrong, it could be a costly mistake. We have listed all the reasons you should book in a HVAC service to avoid these mistakes. It’s a short-term spend that could save you tens of thousands of pounds in the long run.

That is why at Gibbons Engineering Group Limited we recommend yearly servicing of your HVAC system. Our experienced HVAC engineers are experts in all things HVAC, so you can have confidence they will know if there is anything out of sorts, and in most cases, we can do repairs then and there.

  1. Fewer emergency repairs. An emergency repair is usually expensive, however, when you have an HVAC system, service Engineers will often spot an issue before it becomes a big problem.
  2. Increase lifespan. Keeping your HVAC system serviced prolongs the life of the plant as it keeps it in tip-top condition.
  3. More powerful cooling and heating. Keeping your HVAC efficient with servicing means you will literally feel the benefits. The plant will work better, so heating and cooling your workspace will be as easy as it should be.
  4. Cleaning (as part of maintenance) keeps your energy bills lower, as the machine can work more efficiently when clean. The plant won’t have to work against layers of grime and dirt covering the individual sections of the HVAC system.
  5. Less unexpected downtime if it breaks down. If a potential breakdown was spotted early the repair can be done out of hours to minimise disruption. With a sudden breakdown, it could be days until the plant was back up and running.

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