Stainless steel motors

Is your old electric motor slowing down your production process? Perhaps it is tripping, or you are having to spend a long time cleaning it to avoid rust contamination?

Cleaning Up Quickly

Upgrading to a stainless-steel motor doesn’t have to be expensive or laborious. However, the change will save you hours in the future on cleaning as well as the benefit of having a more efficient motor running.

Complete wash downs quickly and easily, our stainless-steel electric motors have no nameplates, are dust-tight, and are resistant to high-pressure water jets.  Meaning they can be washed down effectively without anywhere for bacteria to lurk.

Energy Efficient

All our stainless-steel motors are rated IE4 for Energy Efficiency, in line with European standards. Meaning you could potentially see energy-saving costs when running a new stainless-steel motor in comparison to older model electric motors.

Further Energy Saving Tips

Combined with a waterproof ABB ACS355 VSD for the gold standard in process control. This ABB inverter is waterproof up to 1 meter, and rated IP66/67 ingress protection – so they are dust-tight and can withstand powerful cleaning methods. They won’t get damaged by water jets and washdowns, making them the safest inverter to use in Food and Beverage or Pharmaceuticals, where cleaning is the highest priority.

Make meeting hygiene standards easier and save process time. Get in touch about upgrading to stainless steel motors today by emailing us at or give our office a call on 01621 868 138.

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