It’s true that our Plug&Cool Pedestals are unique – how else could we have supplied them in record numbers to hundreds of happy customers? Most plastic pedestals look pretty similar. The design of some of them hasn’t changed since the 90s! But there are some important differences with Plug&Cool Pedestals – it’s how they give today’s users the results they require.

That’s not to say the old-fashioned design doesn’t have some excellent features. The plastic ducting, for example, results in a durable pedestal that can withstand inevitable knocks.

With that in mind, we tested out various plastic designs with different sized open areas when manufacturing the Plug&Cool Pedestal, because a bigger open area isn’t always better in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

The pedestal we’ve produced as a result is constructed from two types of twin-wall, food-grade polymer for durability and has the optimal open area for our Plug&Cool fan to function with the correct resistance – giving the fastest and most energy-efficient results.

After all, what’s the point in being an engineering company with 50 years of experience if we don’t use that knowledge to produce better products for our customers?

Along with an optimised polymer base and piping, our coupler features a vector-flow design and a specially designed dual-adaptor sleeve – giving users the ability to connect different sizes of fans over the years.

So, although they look similar, Plug&Cool Pedestals are very different from the old-fashioned plastic pedestals you may have seen before. We’ve taken the best parts, improved on them, and added a bit of innovation to boot.

Did you know we have started selling our pedestals on the UK’s busiest agricultural website, the Farming Forum? Check out what’s on offer today.

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