Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

One of Theresa May’s last acts before leaving office was to introduce legally binding legislation that commits the UK to completely eliminate or offset national carbon emissions by 2050.

That’s big news for facilities managers, since buildings are responsible for a massive 40% of global energy usages!

Here at Gibbons, we are proud to have helped companies significantly reduce their carbon emissions for years, having the expertise, products and services to do so. We are therefore excited to play our part in helping the UK achieve its net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.

How does our HVAC team reduce energy consumption for buildings?

Just one of the ways we help companies reduce energy consumption is with our ABB variable speed drives. As founder members of ABB’s Value Provider network, we’re the approved experts to supply, install and commission these state-of-the-art drives, bringing companies massive savings.

With a variable speed drive, equipment can be programmed to adjust output according to demand – that means energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and a quick return on investment to boot.

We also supply the most up-to-date energy-efficient motors and pumps here at Gibbons and retrofit old inefficient equipment for carefully chosen, modern alternatives that have a lower impact on the environment.

Plus, have you ever heard of biofilm? It’s the sticky substance made up of mould, bacteria and other contaminants that grows happily within air handling units.

The build-up of biofilm seriously decreases equipment efficiency – subsequently increasing energy consumption. Though the application of UVC light, our Total Coil Disinfection disrupts the DNA of biofilm to remove it, allowing your air handling unit to work as intended and reducing energy consumption by up to 25%.

To discuss the variety of ways we can reduce your carbon emissions, get in touch with us on 01621 868 138 or email us at

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