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Preparing your building for winter 2021? The UK government has called on the facilities management and engineering sector to recommend ways to limit the spread of airborne viruses prior to winter 2021/2022 in commercial buildings.

Not only is this to future proof against other pandemics, but also keep current infection rates of winter viruses low and avoid pressure on the healthcare system.

The Problem With Current Tactics

The quick turn-around document asked industry experts what they think the minimum standard for buildings air quality should be and to make recommendations.

During the summer months, keeping windows open to provide good, clean airflow was easy. However, now Autumn has arrived and with-it cold weather, new problems may arise. This has created concern amongst Government Advisers that buildings will become hotspots for viruses.

The document states that most building occupiers focus too much on just one element of cleaning, such as surfaces. Whereas a highly effective system might include a combination of surface, air (including ventilation systems) and improved occupant hygiene and sanitisation systems to reduce the likelihood of bacteria and virus from spreading.


One of the devices recommended in the paper is UVC technology in a building’s ventilation system.

The technology works by cleaning the coils that the air passes though. With an added effect on the air passing over it.

Without this, there will be a build-up of biofilm on cooling coils. This biofilm makes your HVAC less effective and can harbour unwanted visitors.

Indoor air quality is significantly improved when supplied by a HVAC system fitted with our UVC technology (Total Coil Disinfection), with a significant reduction in virus, bacteria and mould resulting.

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