The Gibbons team at their LAMMA stand

In 11 halls with 700 exhibitors and thousands of exhibitors, there was only one multi-zone control panel at the LAMMA 2020 show this year… and it was at our stand!

Taking centre stage in the bright orange of our stand, our ultimate no-fuss, multi-zone differential temperature control panel drew a lot of attention from visitors.

Why? Because the panel allows users the ability to independently control any number of fans in up to four zones of their grain store.

Since it’s not uncommon for one section of a grain heap to be warmer than others, the ability to set this panel to automatically turn on fans in warmer zones is invaluable and means users can wave goodbye to trudging up their grain heaps to unplug redundant fans or wasting energy by running them unnecessarily.

The show was a huge success for the Gibbons Team. It was a brilliant opportunity to meet our customers face to face, as well as meeting new farmers and industry experts. We found the really eye-opening, and it was an amazing opportunity to get some really positive feedback.

To see some time-lapse footage of our stand and some of LAMMA 2020’s highlights, check out our newest video below!

If you couldn’t attend the Lamma 2020 show, don’t worry, you can browse our range of specialist grain storage products here. To speak to a member of our team, just give us a call on 01621 868 138 or email us at

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