UK Manufacturing

Recent research from the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has reinforced the value of the manufacturing industry to the UK economy, as it revealed that the sector accounts for 23% of GDP and that 7.4 million jobs depend on it.

For every £1 million that manufacturing contributes to GDP, another £1.5 million is created in the UK economy, and every job within the industry supports 1.8 elsewhere.

In 2016, the manufacturing sector contributed £446 billion to the UK economy, after factors such as manufacturers’ purchases from UK-based supply chains, the number of jobs supported and money spent by manufacturing employees are taken into account.

By demonstrating the value of manufacturing, these statistics highlight the vast potential for improving the UK economy via energy savings made in the industry.

Manufacturers should first assess their electric motors – which account for around two-thirds of electricity consumption in the sector – and consider upgrading to high-efficiency IE3 and IE4 models for long-term energy savings and fast return on investment.

Greater productivity and further energy savings may be achieved by connecting variable-speed drives to motor-powered equipment such as conveyors, pumps and mixers. Further benefits of variable-speed control include reduced equipment wear and maintenance frequency.

Here at Gibbons Engineering Group, we’re proud to be a founder member of the authorised value provider programme for ABB drives. As an approved specialist, we supply, install, maintain and repair equipment in order to help customers optimise manufacturing processes.

We’re vastly experienced in the manufacturing sector, with high-profile projects delivered for food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry clients.

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