A Failed Centrifugal Fan almost causes disruption2022-07-18T15:39:01+01:00

Project Description

At the end of another busy day, Gibbons received a call from our customer reporting a failed centrifugal fan bearing. The fan served an important area within the client’s building and was about to cause significant downtime and inconvenience.

Gibbons’ specialist fan engineers were mobilised to the site early the next morning, stripping down the fan and conducting an inspection of the failed bearing. The old bearings appeared to be original so it was safe to assume that they had failed due to normal wear and tear.

Our engineers were able to remove the damaged components and inspect the fan shaft for wear.

Once the condition of the fan had been carefully checked and passed to run, our engineers replaced the failed bearings from our own stock.

The pulleys were re-fitted and precision aligned using our state-of-the-art laser aligner. New belts were fitted and the fan guards replaced.

Once complete, the fan was run tested and to finalise the works our engineers measured fan balance and collected a set of vibration readings using the latest portable monitoring equipment.

If you have a failed centrifugal fan or any other HVAC enquiry, call us today. We have expert HVAC engineers that go above and beyond for every job we undertake.

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