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Project Description

When the Hitachi Variable-Speed Drive failed on low-lift pump No.2 at a water treatment works, we knew exactly what to do. Three years ago, we were asked to replace the VSD on low-lift pump No.1 at the same site, and because the work was completed to such a high standard, our engineers were asked to make upgrades to low-lift pump No.2.

The brief

As the VSD had failed unexpectedly, an emergency call was made to Gibbons and an engineer was onsite within 24 hours. After an initial assessment of the work in hand, it was decided that the existing failed drive was to be replaced with an ABB ACH580. The previous VSD was a much older, larger, obsolete model and not manufactured by ABB. This meant that there would be more space and better cooling around the new ABB drive.

The work completed

Once the new ABB ACH580 was successfully fitted and in place, our engineer had to make several control panel modifications as the control wiring was configured with the previous drive. Our engineer had anticipated some delays in the configuration as the previous drive was different. Despite this, the settings were successfully copied across from the previous VSD. In addition to the replacement drive, some upgrades to the front of the panel were also carried out. A set of new ammeters and labels were supplied to tidy up the front panel.

The new ABB ACH580 will significantly improve the energy efficiency of low-lift pump No.2. And, because of this, it is anticipated that low-lift pump No.3 will require upgrades to the VSD after the success of the previous work carried out by Gibbons.

Overcoming anticipated set-backs

When the Gibbons engineer arrived on-site, he discovered that modifications were required to some of the cablings. Once this problem was resolved, the re-programming of the new drive had to be done by hand which also took longer than anticipated. Despite these minor issues, the job was completed successfully, and the low-lift pump was back up and running with a brand-new ABB drive installed.

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ABB-ACH580 replacement interior
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