Air Handling Unit Upgrade for the Network Building2019-09-19T14:31:51+01:00

Project Description

The Problem:

The Network Building, a seven-storey property located in the heart of London, needed its rooftop air handling unit serviced and upgraded.

Due to the building having 56,000 sq. ft (5,200m²) of offices and 8,000 sq. ft (700m²) of retail space fronting Tottenham Court Road, it was imperative that there was no plant down-time during normal working hours.

Our Solution:

We were pleased to be awarded a complete programme of works after a full on-site survey. The scope of the work our engineers undertook included:

  • Air validation
  • Electrical testing
  • AHU repairs
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Motor and fan bearing changes
  • Filter changes
  • Technical validation works

All works were undertaken over weekend hours to eliminate any plant down-time during normal working hours

Read the full case study here.

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