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Project Description

Bairds Malt is one of the UK’s leading producers of malt, shipping globally to all sectors of the brewing and distilling industries. Gibbons have been proud to work with Bairds Malt for many years as a trusted supplier of high-quality products and services to their sites across Britain.

On this project we were asked to design and install an air purging system for the undercroft tunnels at Bairds’ Witham plant.

The brief was for an automated purging system that continually monitors the levels of CO² within the undercroft. When CO² levels become unsafe for personal access, the fan system activates and pulls fresh air through the undercroft.

Air within the undercroft can be laden with dust, so it was important that the new system met with the relevant ATEX standards for explosive atmospheres.

Following detailed site surveys, we proposed a suitable system which met with the client’s approval.

The system consisted of a plenum box above the undercroft, an ATEX-rated extract fan, intake louvers, system control panel and associated sensors plus a full package of supply and installation by our engineers.

Following installation, Gibbons’ engineers undertook full commissioning to ensure air flow through the tunnels was closely balanced.

Air purging system
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