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Project Description

When a Suffolk brewery – one of Britain’s oldest family-run businesses – required three essential elements of its apple-milling process to be refurbished, they turned to Gibbons Engineering Group to deliver the whole project.

The brewery, wanting to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the apple mill, commissioned food and beverage industry experts Gibbons to refurbish the electric motor, auger and gearbox and replace the milling tool.

The unique nature of the equipment meant that Gibbons needed to design and manufacture a one-off stainless steel lifting frame to assist in its removal. Once this had been carried out and the equipment transported to Gibbons’ workshop, new bearings were fitted to the motor and auger while the gear oil was changed.

The project included re-painting of equipment and the supply of food-safe bearing grease before all the components, including the new milling tool, were returned to site and reinstalled with new gaskets.

Apple-milling process refurbished

Completed milling motor and milling tool

Apple-milling process refurbished

Removed parts

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