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Project Description

The Problem:

Arla Foods, one of the UK’s leading dairy companies, wished to improve ventilation at their facility, where they process approximately two billion litres of milk a year.

Our Solution:

We installed eight small direct-driven roof ventilation fans, with the roof structure modified accordingly and a suitable power supply installed. To comply with the building’s safety arrangements, the fans were to be isolated in the event of a fire via a control/starter panel.

Our engineers completed the installation in just a few days. With new power supplies fitted from the existing Merlin distribution boards to points of local isolation for each fans. Fans were installed onto new kerbs on the roof and, upon completion, new starter panels were fitted, powered and integrated with the existing site BMS system. Fire alarm terminals were left ready for connection by site BMS engineers.

The new fan and panel installation now provide plentiful ventilation to the void, allowing air change rates to be achieved and creating a safer environment.

Read the full case study here.

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