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Project Description

A major central London bank was able to identify significant energy savings and enhance staff wellbeing thanks to a trial of Gibbons’ Total Coil Disinfection System.

Gibbons conducted air testing and trials of the client’s HVAC equipment both before and after installation of the UVC system. We completed these repeatable tests to measure the effectiveness of the cooling coil when treated with ultraviolet C (UVC) light, taking into account the use of recirculated air and variable-speed drives on the fan motors.

The first image (top right) shows a sample displaying significant mould growth on the client’s untreated cooling coil after seven days. The second image, which you can view by dragging the slider,  is a seven-day sample taken three and a half months after installation of the UVC system and allowed the client to study striking visual evidence of the treatment’s power.

As a result of our trials, the client is now aware of the following potential benefits of applying UVC treatment to their air handling units:

  • Virtual elimination of biofilm (build-up of mould, viruses and bacteria) from the cooling coil. This reduces maintenance, removes the need for mechanical cleaning and increases the coil’s service life.
  • Net cooling gain of over 28kW, meaning the cooling coil has a significantly improved ability to cool air passing over it. Improved cooling gains mean temperature control can be significantly enhanced during the summer months.
  • A return on investment in approximately one year.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the UVC technique provides permanent 24/7 cleaning, which eliminates germs on the coil surface and, to some degree, within the airstream.

Photo by Olga Lioncat:

Biofilm beforeBiofilm after
UVC Lamps
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