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Project Description

When Essex & Sussex Ormesby Water Treatment Works needed an upgraded Orthophosphoric Acid Dosing Pump Drive, Gibbons were on hand to deliver the project.

An important part of the water treatment process, acid dosing helps to maintain PH levels in water, which is vital for both wastewater and freshwater.

The dosing of orthophosphate reduces the ability of low PH waters to dissolve lead, so this is an integral part of water treatment, both for prolonging equipment longevity and meeting water quality standards.

The dosing pump in question needed to work at a variable speed, so as founder members of ABB’s Value Provider network, Gibbons were on hand to install an ABB ACS355 drive at the site, which allows the pump to work at the optimum speed for the lowest energy consumption.

Along with installation, Gibbons engineers then tested and commissioned the drive before it was put into service.

With extensive expertise and a wide offering of services, Gibbons Engineering Group is able to offer engineering support to water providers at all stages of the water treatment process.

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