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Project Description

Our effective condition monitoring service involves extensive assessment of equipment such as fans, electric motors and pumps, which enables us to help clients in the prediction of plant failures.

Using sophisticated portable condition monitoring equipment, we measure bearing condition, rotational vibration levels, fan balance and alignment.

By collecting data over a period of time, trending techniques enable us to predict what maintenance is required and, most importantly, when it must be carried out.

Using the condition results allows us to schedule downtime rather than reacting to an unplanned failure. When the planning of plant downtime is critical, we’d recommend a real-time monitoring system, but for less onerous applications, we can simply provide condition monitoring on a regular basis or during routine plant servicing, using our portable measuring equipment.

Condition monitoring provides us with a host of information on fan, motor or pump condition, allowing us to identify potential breakdown causes including balance, vibration, looseness, structural-borne vibration and bearing wear.

A major benefit of regular condition monitoring is that accuracy increases in line with the frequency that the information is taken.

We present the information obtained from portable monitoring equipment in the form of a vibration spectrum which is interpreted by our technical engineer in their subsequent report.

Condition monitoring is not only limited to vibration analysis; our thorough assessment includes detailed thermographic surveys of motors and electrical components.

For thermal imaging we use the latest digital infrared imaging converted into a full-colour display to locate areas of high or low heat.

By identifying unusual ‘hot spots’ (in cabling or fuses, for example), we can diagnose a failure before it happens where a normal visual inspection may not have highlighted a problem.

As a consequence of our condition monitoring service, we’re able to make recommendations on everything from a new bearing lubrication schedule or laser shaft alignment through to the planning and implementation of mechanical or replacement works.

In summary, the benefits of condition monitoring from Gibbons include:

  • Extended plant life through reduced wear and tear
  • Introduction of lubrication when required to prevent metal-on-metal contact
  • Significant improvements in motor, fan and pump reliability
  • Reduced or eliminated unplanned plant downtime
  • Implementation of an early warning system

Every fan, motor or pump’s requirements are different, which is why we tailor the frequency of visits to every application.

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