Cooling Coil Replacement Requires a Head for Heights2019-09-20T08:24:31+01:00

Project Description

The Problem:

The cooling coil of an air handling unit that was part of a HVAC system serving a new development on the Cambridge University Campus failed as a result of adverse winter weather before the building could be opened.

Our Solution:

Due to the size of the equipment and limited space on site, we manufactured the coil in two parts at our works.

Our selection as the preferred contractor on this project was partly based on our long-standing industry reputation for solving problems with awkward access.

Matched to the 104.5 kW output of the existing equipment, the 500kg unit was lifted in by crane to the rooftop plant area and existing coil was removed via crane in two parts.

We joined together the two parts of the new coil and re-attached the variable speed drive and cables before fitting a blank air handling unit panel to accommodate the new connections.

As always, access and logistical challenges were met head-on by Gibbons for another project successfully delivered.

Read the full case study here.

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