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Project Description

How one out of hours call about a Variable Speed Drive failure got resolved within half a day – and potentially avoided some serious consequences.

On a Thursday night in April, the Gibbons Engineering emergency line was called by an Anglian Water site in Cambridgeshire. They needed a new Variable Speed Drive for an aerator to be installed as soon as possible to maintain the correct level of air for water cleaning or risk not being compliant.

This is a very important aspect to this method of water processing. Keeping aeration at the correct levels means that the bacteria that cleans the water can thrive. When the balance isn’t right, the job isn’t done effectively.

Variable Speed Drives

A Variable Speed Drive is the perfect machine to do this, as you can control the speed of the pumps better than other systems. You don’t want your drive to simply turn on and off when it is doing this important process. Not only is a Varaible Speed Drive brilliant at keeping the levels correct it also decreases energy use as it takes less power to variate the speed. The energy efficiency means it is a money saver too.

Variable Speed Drive have dozens of applications and can be used in a huge variety of settings. You can even get government funding to cover the cost of upgrading your existing system via the Energy Transformation Fund.

Emergency Jobs Need Quick Resolutions

The Gibbons’ Engineers were on site and had installed a new drive the next morning. Managing to get an ACQ580 connected and programmed, as well as removing the failed ACS550. Not only replacing the old drive but using this as an important opportunity to upgrade it to a newer and more efficient system.

The site was back fully working and with no compliance issues in just over 12 hours. This is an excellent example of how quickly the Gibbons team can work, if one of our customers has a problem, like a Variable Speed Drive failure, we will make it our priority to get them back up and running again. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we are on call to quickly solve any electrical emergency your business may have.

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