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Project Description

The Gibbons team was recently called to an Anglian Water site in Little Waltham to upgrade an old slip ring electric motor and starter in the control panel.

The electric motor

Using a lifting frame with a block and tackle, the existing motor was disconnected and moved away from the area to make way for the new IE3 Gibbons 5.5kW electric motor. The current electric motor was obsolete and had failed due to cracked casing. This would have been very costly to repair so it was decided that replacing the motor would be the best course of action.

To facilitate the new motor, a custom-made flange adaptor was designed, manufactured, and then fitted in place along with a replacement coupling to connect to the motor shaft. The old motor was then taken away by the engineers to be recycled. The new motor is more efficient with a higher IP Rating against dust and damp conditions, making it more suitable for the application.

The starter

Inside the starter cubicle, the slip ring resistors were removed along with the obsolete control devices. A new ABB ACQ580 Variable-Speed drive was mounted on to the side of the cubicle and then integrated with the existing control philosophy. The ABB ACQ580 will now operate the ramp time of the electric motor that controls the pump, situated 20 feet below.

The Gibbons engineers overcame a slight issue regarding the power factor connection, which required disconnecting, this was mounted behind the cubicle mounting plate which inhibited access. The mounting plate lower half was removed allowing access for disconnection.

The Anglian Water team at Little Waltham now have full control of the speed of the electric motor, so they can optimise the control of the pump, which will allow for energy savings when necessary.

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