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Project Description

On a warm, bright Sunday morning, our emergency drives team received an urgent call from a local sugar processing plant. The Gibbons team sprang into action to deliver an ACS580-01-106A to replace a faulty drive.

The issue was with an old drive that had failed on machinery that pumps the waste by-product made from the root. The by-product pulp or molasses is produced during the production of sugar from the sugar beet and contains a large amount of water that comprises up to 75% of the beet pulp. The by-product can be used as an energy heat source which is used repeatedly to provide the heat demands of the sugar beet production line. After the sucrose is extracted from the beet, the pulp and beet splinters are often reused as animal feed or for biogas production.  The pulp and molasses have the potential to generate electricity for re-use in the factory or to be re-entered into the energy grid.

The Gibbons team picked out the new drive from stock and delivered it as quickly as possible, arriving on site shortly before 1 pm. Upon arrival, the new drive was unloaded and fitted to the machinery by on-site engineers. With a smooth installation process completed by the engineers, the machinery was back up and running and the pump back online within a few hours of delivery.

Gibbons managing director, Matthew Gibbons says: “We really do try to go above and beyond for our customers, especially for those that we have built a strong relationship with over the years. At Gibbons, we understand that any downtime caused by faulty machinery can be costly. That’s why we have the emergency breakdown service in place for our customers.”

For immediate response to variable-speed drive failure, call Gibbons Drive Hire on 01621 868 138 (business hours) or 07970 676 272 (24-hour emergency line).

Visit our dedicated Drive Hire page for more information on this invaluable service.

https://www.freepik.com/photos/sugar-beet – Sugar beet photo created by aleksandarlittlewolf – www.freepik.com

Photo by Nicole Michalou : https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-pouring-powdered-sugar-in-a-bowl-6061602/

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