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Project Description

Project Overview:

The Colchester Garrison, a prominent military installation, houses a range of facilities for soldiers’ recreational activities, including a swimming pool. The management of the Garrison recognised the need to optimise energy consumption and improve control systems within their premises. As part of their energy-saving initiatives, they contacted Gibbons, an expert in motors, pumps and VSD systems, to conduct a comprehensive survey of the Air Handling Units (AHUs) and pumps across the Garrison site. The aim was to identify opportunities for optimisation and energy efficiency enhancements.


Upon conducting the survey, Gibbons identified a significant energy wastage issue in the swimming pool area. The three pumps responsible for maintaining water circulation in the pool were operating inefficiently. The pumps ran at full speed using conventional star-delta starters, even though all three pumps were valved off nearly halfway. This operational configuration was akin to driving a car at full speed with its hand brake engaged. Such a setup resulted in unnecessary energy consumption, leading to increased operational costs and environmental impact.


Gibbons proposed a solution to address the inefficiencies and reduce energy consumption in the swimming pool area. The key components of the solution included:

  1. ABB Inverter Drives ACQ-580: Gibbons recommended the installation of ABB inverter drives, specifically the ACQ-580 series. These inverter drives were selected based on their power rating, which was tailored to the requirements of the pumps.
  1. Integration of Pressure Transducer: To enhance the control mechanism, a pressure transducer was integrated into the pipework of the pumps. This device would provide real-time feedback on the pressure within the system.
  1. IPC (Intelligent Pump Control): The drives were interconnected using Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) technology.
  1. Valve Adjustment: The previously half-valved pumps were opened to their full capacity, ensuring an optimal flow rate while conserving energy.
  1. Control Panel Modification: Gibbons designed and built a new control panel frame at their workshop to accommodate the new equipment and control mechanisms. This frame would house the necessary components for the optimised pump system.

Energy Savings

From our calculations and continuous monitoring, the new system will help make savings of up to 20%. Our comprehensive analysis, coupled with continuous monitoring, reveals that the implementation of the new system is set to deliver substantial energy savings.

Gibbons’ expertise in pump systems and energy optimisation played a crucial role in transforming the swimming pool area at Colchester Garrison. By introducing advanced control mechanisms and leveraging VSD technology, the Garrison significantly reduced energy consumption, operational costs, and environmental impact. The success of this project serves as a testament to the positive impact that intelligent pump control solutions can have on energy-intensive facilities.

Energy optimisation
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