Emergency Motor Replacement for Water Provider2020-08-19T11:12:28+01:00

Project Description

When a motor breakdown caused an important aerator at a Sewage Treatment Works to fail, we were on hand to supply an emergency motor replacement and get the equipment back up and running the very same day.

Aeration is an integral part of wastewater treatment. The oxygen supplied is what allows bacteria to break down organic matter in a reasonable time, so, in the absence of oxygen, the degradation of sludge is slow and odorous. A prolonged period without an aerator was therefore not an option.

Receiving the urgent call on a Saturday, we collected a replacement special motor from Kent before meeting a crane on site and immediately fitting the new motor once the failed one had been removed.

With our ultra-quick response time, we were able help the water company avoid any potential non-compliance issues that might have resulted if the motor hadn’t been replaced.

Plus, as an engineering company with eleven divisions including a rewinds department, we have the capacity to repair the failed motor at our works so that it is available in the future as an essential spare.

Our wide range of engineering services and quick response times make us ideally placed to assist essential service providers with an emergency motor replacement and any other engineering needs.

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