Gibbons’ Humidification System Commissioned Worldwide2020-02-20T15:38:17+00:00

Project Description

Back in 2008, a global manufacturer of semiconductors commissioned Gibbons Humidification to convert its Scottish production facility from compressed-air spray-nozzle humidifiers to our rotary atomiser system. The intervening years have seen the plant’s humidity control and reliability improve significantly, so our delighted client has decided to implement the technology and best practice throughout the group worldwide.

We’re now in the process of rolling o ut the replacement of older humidifier technologies with the Gibbons system for our client. Work began at one of their major manufacturing sites in north-west America, as four Gibbons engineers jetted out for the week-long project. The project was a resounding success, with the old inefficient compressed-air system removed and 13 high-capacity Gibbons adiabatic humidifiers installed in its place.

Our client has since reported: “The humidifiers have operated well. The control is very good and we have had no maintenance issues.”

So why is maintaining consistent humidity so important during the manufacture of semiconductors? It’s because temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause the semi-conductor wafer to expand and contract, altering the accuracy and reliability of the chips produced. The wafers are also susceptible to static damage, making tight humidity control in the demanding manufacturing environment essential.

The Gibbons system offers the precise control and reliability that’s vital in the demanding semiconductor environment, which is why it’s now considered the gold standard in humidification.

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