Golf Club Links with Gibbons for Irrigation System Improvement2019-10-14T09:28:47+01:00

Project Description

The Problem:

A prestigious Essex golf club needed to upgrade their irrigation pump set system during the joint-hottest summer on record, meaning irrigation demand for the greens was higher than normal.

The break in pump service was therefore tight and Gibbons had to co-ordinate the project with precision.

The Solution:

Our pluming engineer attended the site to carry out measurements and prepare materials and the work area. The old pump set was then isolated, drained and removed.

Our electrical engineer then installed a new Lowara pump set along with control panel, pipework, fittings and wiring. Each pump was then fitted with a Hydrovar variable-speed drive for accurate pressure control before commissioning.

“Upgrading our pump set not only gave us the reliability we required, but the increased flow rate meant that we were able to reduce our irrigation timescales. Therefore, we were able to apply the water the grass required over night when the course was empty, so there was no inconvenience to our members.” – Golf Course Manager Andrew Pledger.

Read the full case study here.

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