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Project Description

There was no time to waste when the Gibbons team was recently dispatched to the Anglian Water Stambourne site to fine-tune and enhance the performance of the balance tank filling pump. This task was no ordinary maintenance job; it required the implementation of advanced speed control measures aimed at reducing the flow rate, ultimately leading to significant energy savings.

In this intricate operation, the Gibbons team used the in-built timer within the ABB ACQ580. The Gibbons engineer employed this timer to delay the start of the pump, aligning perfectly with the specific requirements outlined by the process managers.

After an initial survey, they meticulously planned and executed the modifications, ensuring that the balance tank filling pump operated at peak efficiency, all while reducing energy consumption.

The successful completion of this project not only showcased the Gibbons team’s technical prowess but also highlighted their commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. Anglian Water Stambourne can now enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and eco-friendly process.

A bit about the ABB ACQ580

The ABB ACQ580 Variable Speed Drive is a cutting-edge and highly versatile motor control solution designed to optimise the performance of electric motors in various industrial applications. Renowned for its precision and reliability, the ACQ580 enables precise control of motor speed and torque, allowing for enhanced efficiency and productivity. It boasts an array of advanced features, including integrated safety functions, built-in timers, and extensive connectivity options. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive programming, the ACQ580 is an ideal choice for industries seeking to improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve precise control over their processes. Whether used in pumps, fans, conveyors, or other machinery, the ABB ACQ580 is a trusted solution that empowers businesses to meet their automation and energy-saving goals with ease and confidence.

Working in tandem

Gibbons Engineering Group has forged a close and partnership with Anglian Water, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of their critical equipment, including motors, fans, and pumps, through the implementation of ABB Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). By harnessing the power of ABB VSD technology, Gibbons has enabled Anglian Water to achieve precise control over their processes, resulting in substantial energy savings and reduced operational costs. This collaboration underscores Gibbons’ commitment to sustainable engineering solutions and demonstrates how the strategic use of ABB VSDs has played a pivotal role in optimising Anglian Water’s operations and environmental impact, all while ensuring the highest levels of reliability and performance.

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