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Project Description

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by area, providing drinking water to more than 4.2 million households in the east of England. However, it’s not just clean drinking water that Anglian Water provides, with just over 5.5 million people also benefitting from wastewater services. The region covered by Anglian Water is approximately 27,500 km2. That’s around a fifth of the area of England and Wales.

When Anglian Water wanted to upgrade an old SAMI GS inverter serving a pump at its Ardleigh water treatment works, ABB Authorised Value Provider Gibbons Engineering Group was approached to deliver the project. With a team of expertly trained electricians and a vast knowledge base, Gibbons was in a perfect position to respond quickly to minimise any downtime caused by an outdated drive.

After removing the old inverter, a new 110 kW ACQ580 variable-speed drive – specifically designed for water industry applications – was fitted, along with a new contactor, isolator handle, relays, potentiometer, and timer. Gibbons’ retrofit service included panel modifications in order to accommodate the new drive along with the fitting of an emergency stop and reset on the panel door.

Once setup and commissioning had been carried out, the pump was put back into operation, with our efficient service helping Anglian Water minimise disruption to its customers. As well as increasing the energy efficiency of the process, the new ABB ACQ580 drive has improved reliability, ensuring the site can provide uninterrupted service for residents and businesses.

At Gibbons, we work hard to go above and beyond for our customers supplying them with professional service. If you would like to find out more about our ABB products and services, the ABB AVP program, or anything else, please contact us on 01621 868 138 or email

Anglian water ardleigh
Anglian water Ardleigh
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