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Project Description

The Gibbons electrical engineers were on hand at a Northumbrian Water site in Rickenhall to connect a Variable-Speed Drive to a pump that controls the flow of water from a borehole.

The borehole is situated in the middle of a field that has limited access due to construction work being carried out onsite. When the Gibbons’ engineers arrived on-site to begin their work, they discovered that the ground was uneven due to some groundwork being carried out. This meant that they were unable to deliver and set up the kiosk that housed the variable speed drive. Rather than admitting defeat and heading back to the Gibbons HQ with nothing to show for it, our Senior Mechanical Engineer used the time to fit the isolator and junction box within the borehole kiosk.

The Variable-Speed Drive Kiosk

The kiosk in question was commissioned within the Gibbons contracts workshops, weeks before the on-site work was due to be carried out. The kiosk has a 75kw ACQ580 variable-speed drive installed which will be used to control the flow of water from the pump. This means that if the flow of water from the borehole is too high, it can easily be reduced using the VSD.

Additional cable work

The Gibbons electricians connected the cables between the on-site generator and the kiosk supplied by Gibbons. Approximately one mile away is another site with a cable running from it with the start command running, the fault signal, flow, and level feedback. The borehole also has a level sensor inside that gives an indication of water levels. And, within the pipe work is a flow sensor that monitors the flow of water. These instruments help to indicate the output of water.

How long did it take?

Even with the slight delay due to issues delivering the main kiosk, the Gibbons engineers were able to complete the job within two and a half days. Once the kiosk was positioned correctly, everything ran smoothly to plan with no major issues.

VSD Kiosk
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