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Project Description

Gibbons Engineering Group has undertaken thousands of successful variable-speed drive (VSD) installations over many years, witnessing the full potential of drive technology being realised.

Our client base is wide ranging, from process companies within the water industry to major commercial customers operating in banking and finance.

As a founder member of the authorised value provider (AVP) scheme, Gibbons installs ABB drives for HVAC, fan, pump and conveyor applications to name just a few. ABB drives provide reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity throughout their lifecycle and offer energy savings of up to 60%, with return on investment possible within 12 months.

Our comprehensive service includes upgrading older, less efficient systems such as TASC drives, variable inlet guide vanes, damper controls and variable pitch impellers among others.

We fulfil key criteria in order to maintain our position as an AVP, including:

  • Provision of a 24-hour call-out service
  • Dedicated training facilities for staff and customers
  • Proven expertise in the supply, installation, commission and integration of VSDs
  • On-site engineering support through in-house electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Extensive stockholding to provide efficient customer service
  • Access to stock across the AVP network

Once we have supplied or installed the equipment, Gibbons offer ongoing routine maintenance of the drives and the plant they serve.

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Variable-speed drive installation
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