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Project Description

Situated in Maldon, Essex, Fiberweb Geosynthetics is a subsidiary of Berry Global, a global plastics manufacturer. The factory in Maldon produces a wide range of products used in multiple industries from agriculture and horticulture to civil engineering and industrial materials.

During production, the machinery on the factory floor generates a huge amount of heat. The hot air produced from the machinery passes through steel ducting and out of the building through the roof vents. Temperatures inside and on the ducting often reach between 95 and 120 degrees. This meant that the steel ducting inadvertently acted as a huge, overhead radiator contributing to higher working temperatures within the factory. Combined with naturally high ambient temperatures during the summer, temperatures within the factory could be uncomfortable for both equipment operating and personnel on the factory floor.

The brief

As a long-standing customer of Gibbons Engineering Group, the team at Fiberweb requested a pre-work survey aimed at reducing the amount of heat radiated from the overhead ducting. The survey allowed for an accurate plan of action and a detailed quote. This also meant that the work could be completed during a three-day period during the site’s annual maintenance period.

The work completed

The Gibbons’ HVAC engineers insulated the steel ducting with a double layer of foil-coated rockwall mineral insulation. As the ducting was situated in the ceiling of the factory amongst other pipes and structural beams, the team insulated as much of the ducting as possible using specialist access equipment. The entire job was completed within the three-day timeframe during the factory’s shutdown period. The temperatures of the steel ducting are now between 35 and 55 degrees which is a huge reduction. The FLIR thermal imaging camera produced detailed before and after images indicating the reduced heat levels.

For site surveys and detailed quotations, contact our HVAC manager, Andrew Knight on 01621 868 138 or email

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