After a soggy start, Gibbons Agricultural enjoyed a fantastic couple of days at the Cereals Event, with visitors braving the wet weather to see Gibbons’ range of specialist grain storage products.

Since Gibbons are known for the high quality of their products, visitors were keen to see them in person and enjoyed the opportunity to touch and pick up grain fans and even give some Plug&Cool Pedestals a good kick to confirm they won’t dent!

Visitors were also interested to hear from the team about the smart technology and innovative design featured in the Plug&Cool range.Airspear Max

Gibbons’ packaged solution to grain storage, the Plug&Cool Barn System, incorporates Robydome technology that allows farmers to control their store conditions via a web-based control panel.

Users can access real-time information on any device, produce accurate reports and graphs, make changes, set automatic controls, and receive emails for immediate alerts of any problems.

Utilising modern technology in this way, Gibbons’ Plug&Cool Barn System is the ultimate time and money saving package and was therefore of great interest to visitors at Cereals.

Gibbons were also excited to unveil their newest product at the event – the Airspear® Max. In a style that is popular across Europe, the new Airspear® harnesses the maximum power of a 1.1kW fan for the rapid cooling of urgent hotspots. With strong, adjustable, non-slip handles, a sharp point and no bulky adaptor, the new Airspear® Max is completely portable and easy to use.

Agricultural Sales Manager Matthew Gibbons said, “Cereals was another great opportunity to speak to farmers from across the UK and let them know how our specialist grain storage equipment can save them time and money. We’re very proud of our Plug&Cool range, which answers farmers’ need for equipment that is both reliable and utilises modern technology.”

If you missed Gibbons Agricultural at Cereals, there is still time to place an order before this year’s harvest. You can get in touch with them on 01621 868 138 or at

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