Gibbons Agricultural have been providing farmers with high-performance grain cooling fans for decades.

What do the fans do? 

The fans offer a way to quickly cool stored grain and maintain optimum temperatures in the store. Available in aluminium and steel, the fans range from 0.13-2.2 kW, so users can pick the most suitable size for their heap.

Why are they so popular? 

With half a century of engineering experience behind them, Gibbons confidently provide every single fan with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so they are very popular with users who value durable equipment.

The fans also offer extremely fast cooling speeds, which is evident from the performance curves and technical specifications available on their website.

How do the fans eliminate hotspots?

Gibbons’ Plug&Cool Airspears® offer a way to quickly and easily eliminate hotspots from the heap, featuring Airspear® fans and extra-long, non-slip handles for the easy insertion and removal from grain.

The Plug&Cool range includes pedestals, web-based temperature control panels and all-in-one packages – you can find out more from the Gibbons Agricultural team by giving them a call on 01621 868 138 or emailing

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