As official partners to the Year of Engineering 2018, Essex-based Gibbons Engineering Group held a special open morning last year for local school children.Gibbons Inspire Future Engineers

The event was so successful that Gibbons opened their doors once again this month and welcomed in 25 engineers of the future.

Engineering is all around us, from the home you live in, to cars, to parachutes, to rockets. The opportunities offered by a career in engineering are therefore varied, challenging and give young people the power to make a real difference in the world.

Yet, not enough young people – especially girls – are considering a career in engineering when they think about their futures.

Gibbons, who after 50 years in business are now looking to their next 50, know how important it is to spread awareness among young people of the opportunities available to them with a career in engineering.

The open morning this month was a great way to do this, and young visitors enjoyed a tour of Gibbons’ workshop, where one of Gibbons’ engineers showed them an electric motor in various stages of construction.

Gibbons Inspire Future Engineers

Following this, a company director gave a talk before the children took part in some fun experiments including building spaghetti bridges, making water filters and completing an air pressure experiment.

The children came up with some brilliant bridge designs, which held the weight of some bearings from the workshop, and had fun seeing who could get muddy water the clearest with their filter!

At the end of the day the Gibbons team asked the children if any of them would consider a career in engineering and were delighted when more than half raised their hands.

Gibbons have posted a video about the event on their YouTube channel with lots of photos from the day.

The engineering company offer opportunities for engineers at all stages in their careers. To find out more please get in touch with them at

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