Gibbons Agricultural combine half a century of manufacturing experience with intelligent designs to bring customers effective and reliable grain storage equipment.

Having worked with farmers for decades, Gibbons have listened to their customers over the years to really gain an understanding of what type of products they need at harvest time.

Once grain is in the store, farmers often use portable temperature control equipment, such as grain spears, to eliminate hotspots as they appear.

One of the problems typically faced with traditional grain spears, is that they are difficult to insert and remove from the grain pile – so difficult, in fact, that the metal sometimes even becomes warped in the process! Plus, once users have gone to the trouble of inserting the spear, the fans on top often provide limited cooling power or are unreliable or inefficient.

Gibbons knew they could provide their customers with a better alternative.

The Plug&Cool Airspear® by Gibbons features extra-long, adjustable handles with non-slip grips – making it easy to insert and remove.

Plus, in a style popular across Europe, Gibbons also offer an Airspear® MAX for the urgent cooling of hotspots. The MAX edition harnesses the full power of the 1.1kW grain fan that would normally sit atop a Pedestal, so users get the highest possible cooling power.

Most importantly, Gibbons Airspear® fans are energy efficient and so reliable that they all come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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