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ABB Electric Vehicle chargers are one of the most powerful, reliable, and efficient on the market. Utilising over 130 years of engineering expertise, ABB have created one of the market leading Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers – the future of EV chargers.

Gibbons Engineering Group has partnered with ABB to sell and install their Terra AC Wallbox EV chargers. With our 50 years of engineering and electrical experience, and our status as ABB Value Provider, we are uniquely suited to work with ABB to distribute their network of smart EV chargers.

With the manufacturing of petrol and diesel cars coming to a stop in 2030 for the UK, it is an area of the market which is about to expand rapidly. UK businesses have been encouraged to support this, with grants from the UK government and tax-free incentives on company cars.

Electric vehicle technology is frequently changing. Now the cars are more affordable, have a longer range, and are easier to come by, people are upgrading their cars to electric.

Whether it be for environmental reasons, or to save money on fuel, the switch to electric is only a good thing. Supporting this change is one of the key reasons we have decided to branch out into electric vehicle chargers.

One of the biggest concerns of new and prospective electric car owners is what happens if they can’t find a charging station. The UK needs over 127,000 new public charging stations over the next five years to meet increasing demand. Have you considered how beneficial it would be for your staff and customers to be able to charge their electric vehicles when they come to your business?

Not only will you be exceeding high expectations of your staff and customers, but you will be future proofing your business.

ABB Smart electric vehicle chargers work with the electrical grid, to ensure that power is only being used when it is most needed and most efficient. Controlled by an app, the user can decide exactly how much they need to top up their car, and if charging overnight is only done at the most efficient time when the power grid is least busy, and electricity is cheapest.


Plug&Drive Duosida EV Charger Products

Plug&Drive (Duosida) 7.4kW EV Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

Plug&Drive’s charge point is here! This charge point is everything you need to be able to charge your EV at home.

Plug&Drive has developed a charge point that is cost-effective, easy to use, and simple to set up.

  • App or RFID controlled
  • Simple app set up
  • Smart charging
  • Untethered for universal charging
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEV models
  • 7.4kW (32A) charging speed
  • Three RFID cards included, perfect for guests or for use without the app
  • One-year warranty

Plug&Drive EV Charging Cables

Electric Vehicle Charger

Check out our range of Plug&Drive EV charger cables.

Available in both single and three phases, they are a handy accessory for your EV charge point.

  • Type 2 – type 2, this is standard for cars sold in the EU since 2013
  • Super strong to withstand the toughest use
  • 5m or 7m length
  • Single or three-phase
  • Free carry case

ABB Electric Vehicle Chargers

ABB Terra AC Type 2 Single Phase Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

The Terra AC is one of the best value wall box chargers. With the option for a 7.4kW supply with or without 4G you can pick the best option for your business.

Single phase delivers 7.4kW/32A, this is perfect for topping up a car on the go. This will suit the majority of EVs on the market today, as most cars will only take this much power at once.

  • Single Phase
  • 7.4kW/32A

ABB Terra AC Type 2 Three Phase 22kW Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

The Terra AC three phase is one of the best value medium voltage EV chargers. If you are a bigger business – like a factory, or are considering upgrading your electricity supply then the three phase Terra AC is the EV charger you need.

Three phase delivers up to 22kw/32A, this is perfect for vans, or quick charging EVs.

  • Three phase
  • 22kW/32A
  • We can determine your electricity supply during our site survey

ABB Stands

Electric Vehicle Charging Pedestal

If you were considering investing in multiple EV chargers, or don’t have anywhere suitable on your wall to place it. Then consider combining your chargers with one of ABB’s sleek stands. These stands can hold up to two chargers, so perfect if you are converting multiple parking spaces into EV charging zones.

These stands decrease the chance of tripping on cables if your wall is far away from your parking spaces, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Single EV charger pedestals
  • Double EV charger pedestals

ABB Terra AC Cable Type 2 single or three phase

Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

The ABB cables are the perfect accompaniment to the ABB Terra ACs. These type two cables are suitable for the mode two Terra AC. These cables are universal (with some exceptions) in the UK and Europe and are the most common one you will find.

If you are providing a company vehicle, or you want a spare for visitors, then this cable is the perfect accompaniment for the Terra AC Wallbox EV Charger.

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase


Gibbons Engineering Group’s expert engineers are trained to fit EV chargers, having completed the City & Guilds Electric Vehicle Charging (2919) course.

We do all civils work in house to speed up installation and keep costs low. We will provide a full bespoke quotation for you after the site survey to include all services, including additional services like fuse board upgrades, civils work, and ongoing maintenance packages.

We will come to your business, provide a free site survey to assess which model would be best suited for you. We will then install and commission the chargers, so they are ready to use straight away.

  • Quick installation
  • Fully trained Engineers
  • Free site survey

We provide installation packages up to 50 miles from our business in Essex, including Greater London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire.

Office for Zero Emission Vehicles Grant Scheme

We are proud to have been accepted as an approved installer for the OZEV grant scheme. This means that our customers are now eligible to receive a grant of between £350-£14,000 for their Electric Vehicle chargers.

We will help with the application of the grant, only needing a few details to check if you are eligible. As soon as the grant has been approved we can provide and install your EV charger at a reduced cost.

The grant is for £350 per socket, up to £14,000 for 40 chargers. You must have dedicated off street parking that is owned by the business, and the intention of using electric vehicles at your business.

Installation must be done by an OZEV approved installer, and the charger you use needs to be approved by OZEV as well – our ABB Terra AC is acceptable for the grant at all its different specifications.