Custom motors

Inside: Everything you expect from a Gibbons electric motor – energy efficiency, superior quality and outstanding reliability.

Outside: A fully-customised product that meets your exact specification.

If you’re a manufacturer of motor-driven equipment such as conveyors, mixers and compressors then what better way to make a professional impression than a bespoke motor?

We offer low-cost customised electric motors for OEMs, with the following features available.

Fitted with a tailored nameplate

We’ll stamp your motor’s nameplate with bespoke information including your company logo, part number and contact details.

Mechanically modified to suit your application

For specialist applications where a standard motor off the shelf won’t do, we provide:

  • Shaft variations (including stainless-steel shafts)
  • Modified flanges
  • Multi mount options
  • Special motors in 100/115V and 50/60Hz
  • Aluminium frames, which are light and offer high corrosion resistance

Painted in the colour of your choice

Whether it’s to match your company logo or to blend in with the driven equipment, we’ll gladly supply your motor in whatever colour you desire.

Maximum protection

If your motor’s to be used in an aggressive environment, we can offer a number of protective measures to keep it in perfect working order:

  • Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise
  • Sealed or shielded bearings and use of special grease packs to suit high-temperature applications
  • Vacuum varnishing for enhanced insulation in tropical conditions.