Plug&Cool full range

The Plug&Cool Barn System is a packaged solution to grain storage that allows you to manage crop temperature from a web-based control panel.

The entire system has been designed with your complete ease-of-use in mind, giving you a versatile and durable solution to grain storage that will save you time and money post-harvest.

Once you have set your desired temperature, wireless probes placed in the grain pile communicate continuously with the fully-equipped panel to ensure consistent and accurate temperature control.

Every Plug&Cool Barn System can be bespoke designed, with the capacity for multiple fans within crop stores of all sizes.

Here’s an example of what you’ll get in a typical 4-fan package:

x1 Control panel with integrated wireless temperature control system (displays crop temperature)

x1 Wireless probe

x4 1.1kW Gibbons aluminium pedestal fans

x4 Fan starters

x4 Extension cables

x4 Plug&Cool Pedestals

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