Gibbons’ Total Coil Disinfection System uses UVC lamps close to the cooling coil and drain pan in your HVAC system to stop bacteria and mould from growing. It can be installed in a matter of hours. Find out more…

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What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a sticky mixture of dust, microbes, mould and other contaminants that forms in a moist environment such as an AHU. Biofilm reduces the efficiency of the AHU’s cooling coil by restricting thermal conductivity within, and airflow through, the coil. The consequences include:

  • Fans and chillers use more energy to achieve the set point temperature
  • Energy consumption increases in proportion to the thickness of the biofilm
  • A 300-micron biofilm results in over 10% increase in energy usage
  • Coils can become so clogged that pressure is halved
  • Dirty coils can increase HVAC system energy consumption by up to 30%

Benefits of Total Coil Disinfection

Gibbons’ Total Coil Disinfection returns the AHU’s performance to as built – excepting normal wear and tear – and the overall efficiency of the HVAC system is improved. Other reasons that UVGI is an essential and integral part of any HVAC system include:

  • Significant improvement in indoor air quality as airstream passing through the ductwork is over 99% free of bio-contamination
  • Easy mounting system for fast installation into new and existing HVAC systems
  • Average payback of 24 months, with energy savings of up to 25%
  • Savings from the elimination of manual cleaning and ability to recycle condensate as grey water
  • Low initial installed cost – a fraction of the cost of an HVAC system
  • ASHRAE Handbook compliant
  • Opportunity to gain points under BREEAM and LEED

Indoor Air Quality

The air supplied to building occupants following a Total Coil Disinfection System installation is virtually free of bacteria, viruses and other microbial contamination that would usually be transferred from the AHU into the airstream.

Reducing the spread of airborne bacteria, mould and viruses lowers the risk of infectious diseases and absenteeism. This directly impacts on the health, wellbeing and productivity of building occupants as it reduces allergic reactions that result in conditions such as headaches, asthma episodes and eye problems.

Total Coil Disinfection System applications

UVGI technology is used to disinfect the surfaces of HVAC systems, ceilings, ductwork, walls, floors and water in:

  • Aquariums
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality venues including hotels and restaurants
  • Marine facilities
  • Educational buildings including schools and universities
  • Swimming pools
  • Water treatment works

A typical Total Coil Disinfection System

  • Single-ended fixture to carry ballast and UVC photoniser
  • Photon concentrators to reflect UVC light for maximum efficiency
  • Electronic ballasts: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz, 0-80°C with lifetime warranty
  • Single-ended standard or high-output UVC photoniser
  • Waterproof photoniser boots
  • Total Coil Disinfection System can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Stainless steel bespoke framework to carry the Total Coil Disinfection System
  • Wiring loom from Total Coil Disinfection System to wiring box.
  • IP65 wiring box
  • Door interlock switch to turn off the array when AHU door is opened
  • UVC safety signage and equipment as necessary
  • Viewing window to inspect the UVGI array without entering the plenum
  • Total Coil Disinfection System cleaning kit
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