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At Gibbons Engineering Group, we’ve been welcoming apprentices to learn their trade with us for many years, and the friendly, professional, and supportive culture means that in many cases they remain with us long after qualifying.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we had a quick catch-up with 22-year-old Gibbon’s apprentice engineer Charlie Leavett as he nears qualification as an electrician.

When did you begin your apprenticeship and when are you hoping to qualify?

As soon as I finished School at the age of 16, I started looking into apprenticeships and decided to study at the Colchester Institute. It has taken a little longer than I had hoped as the disruption caused by COVID set me back but I’ll be completing my apprenticeship this year.

Why did you want to become an electrician?

I was keen to learn a trade as I have always been a hands-on sort of person, so it was a no-brainer for me. I didn’t want to go on to college after school and study full time so an apprenticeship really appealed to me as I can earn money while learning.

Are you based in both the workshop and on-site? And if so, which do you prefer?

I have quite a varied schedule most weeks. In fact, it’s probably a 50/50 split as I’m often out on-site working if I’m not in the workshop. And I couldn’t choose between the two. I like a good mix of being on-site and based at the Gibbons site, as long as I’m learning something new each day. I live locally to Gibbons as well so it’s handy being based at the workshops sometimes.

What kind of electrical work do you carry out?

I mainly work on control panels, but I’ve also gained experience with electric motors, variable-speed drives, and any other electrical jobs that need doing. I get real satisfaction when a panel build is completed fully as they look so impressive when they’re finished.

Charlie has been with Gibbons Engineering since August 2022 and is considered a valuable member of the team.

As our business continues to grow, we’re often looking for committed, enthusiastic apprentices to come and begin their careers with us. So for information on the Gibbons apprenticeship programme, call 01621 868 138 or email and find out how we can set you on your way to a successful and rewarding engineering career.

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