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Project Description

The safe and secure storage of data is now of major importance and precisely maintaining conditions for the vast racks of electronics is a vital element of ensuring data centre reliability.

As a major supplier of humidifiers to the data centre industry, Gibbons has a wealth of knowledge and experience of data centres worldwide. The Gibbons humidification system offers precise humidity control over a wide range of conditions whilst ensuring ultra-low energy input and high reliability.

Increasingly, the designers of data centres are finding ways of reusing heat energy produced by the server racks to provide the evaporation energy for cold-water adiabatic humidifiers. This provides free cooling and enables humidifiers to consume a minimal amount of energy.

The drive for energy efficiency and the desire to make data centres as green as possible mean an end to the days of pumping great volumes of heat out of the data centre and then introducing large amounts of energy in the form of steam for humidification.

The modern solution is adiabatic humidifiers that offer accurate control over a wide range of conditions, suitable for use around the world and able to cope with any volume of air.

At Gibbons, we believe that the attention we have put into the design of our adiabatic humidifier range has produced a product that is ideally suited to the demands of the data centre industry. With a turndown ratio of 100:1, the output of our humidifiers can be finely tuned to keep the conditions in data halls just right. This helps to maintain high reliability, leaving operators to concentrate on data performance.

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