Total Coil Disinfection Significantly Improves Energy Efficiency for Major UK Retailer2020-03-25T16:16:11+00:00

Project Description

The Problem:

Facilities management at the head office of one of the UK’s leading retailers wanted to improve HVAC energy efficiency and increase cooling performance.

Our Solution:

Our Ultraviolet Solutions team was commissioned to perform a trial installation. We fitted our Total Coil Disinfection within one of the building’s air handling units, with a view to proving the effectiveness of the technology for improving HVAC efficiency.

U values measure a cooling coil’s thermal performance. Prior to the installation of Total Coil Disinfection, a U value of 5,473 w/m2K was recorded from the client’s cooling coil. The U value after fitting Total Coil Disinfection was 12,462 – an improvement of 127.7%.

Calculated pro rata, the client’s annual chilled water flow was reduced from 32,010 to 16,399 tonnes (49%).

After taking into account supply, installation and running costs of Total Coil Disinfection, our client would enjoy net annual savings of £3,356, with return on investment achieved in two years and two months.

Read the full case study here.

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