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Project Description

The Lilly building comprises a large office space designed around a full-height central atrium. The building was originally built to a high specification in 1994.

Gibbons have undertaken a package of works on behalf of our customer, a world-leading fan manufacturer. The client’s remit was to look at potential energy savings and upgrade options through advances in VAV technology over the last 15 years. This was pertinent to the 16 main ventilation fans located with air handling units (AHUs) on the rooftop plant area.

Following documented predictions in energy saving and site surveys, Gibbons were awarded a package of works to complete on site. The 43,000 ft² plant contained 16 fans ranging between 22Kw and 27Kw.

Gibbons’ works comprised the manufacture and installation of special enclosures mounted adjacent to each AHU, each fed and cabled to new IP65 ABB steel isolators. The mains power cables coming from the line contactor to the new termination box were also replaced with new ones. Gibbons site engineers ran a new multicore cable from each unit to the MCC panel for use by the BMS engineers. Alongside our works, extensive upgrades of other plant components were also taking place, and each trade had to work closely together to ensure each unit was completed to programme.

To ensure the client was left with no plant downtime whilst the building was in use all works were undertaken out of normal hours.  Gibbons engineers commenced works once the plant shutdown on a Friday night and had to ensure the AHU’s were running by each Sunday evening.  The works were completed over a tight time-frame of weekend shifts to meet with our clients programme. Our engineers programmed and set the drives to work on completion of each AHU.

The new variable-speed drives (VSDs) have been proven to save extensive amounts of energy by utilising the VSD drive to control duty. The building is fitted with a complex BMS system that provides an automatic signal to each drive.  During times of lower building occupancy, the new inverter drives runs the fan speed down. At times when just a 20% reduction in fan speed is achieved , a massive 50% saving in energy (power) is achieved.

By nature of this type of upgrade the amounts of moving/mechanical components within the fans and VAV system is significantly reduced. The inverter drives removed the necessity for complicated mechanical or pneumatic systems. The inverter drives installed are virtually maintenance free.

Being accompanied with our special “Drive Care” package, means  the worry of setup and commissioning of the new drives is eliminated.  Our client is also assured of dedicated technical and product support long after the works are completed

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