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AHU fan upgrade

When your centrifugal fan needs upgrading, Gibbons HVAC Services are there first hand to take a complete survey of the air handling unit (AHU) and associated plant.

Our client asked for guidance on the likely energy savings by upgrading the fan motors and indicated that they required a further 10 years' service from the fan.

The main components of the AHU were in good order and it lent itself well to an upgrade of fan and motor. Gibbons recommended the use of our IE3 motor. This would essentially see our customer meet the requirements of the EUMEPS legislation some three years ahead of schedule. At the same time as meeting modern legislation, Gibbons were able to provide our customer with detailed energy-saving calculations for the new motor and fan combination.

The old fans were too large to be removed from the AHU and plant room and needed dismantling and cutting into manageable sections. Gibbons's commercial team also arranged for the new fans to be manufactured with a special split case design to suit the site and allow the large fans to be transferred through narrow office corridors.  The new fans were built inside the AHU from kit form.

New IE3 motors were fitted to the original base frame and lined up using our laser-aligning equipment.

The new fans and motors signify reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity throughout the lifecycle. 

Once we have supplied or installed the equipment, Gibbons offer on-going routine maintenance of fans, AHU, motors and drives.

For more information call Andrew Knight on 07850 204 915, email or visit our HVAC Services page.

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