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Gibbons becomes an ABB Authorised Value Provider

Gibbons Engineering Group is proud to announce that we've joined ABB’s Authorised Value Provider (AVP) network. Here we answer a few key questions relating to this exciting new scheme and reveal how it benefits our customers.


What is an ABB Authorised Value Provider?

An ABB Authorised Value Provider is a company, such as Gibbons Group, that is approved to stock, distribute and offer local value-added support for ABB products and services. Providers will deliver sales, technical advice and training along with lifecycle services such as installation, start-up and preventive maintenance programmes.

In the UK the Authorised Value Provider network is made up of 18 members and will initially include variable-speed drives and electric motors.

Why has the AVP programme been created?

The demands of customers are changing as industry evolves. The AVP programme has been launched to meet these requirements, which include:


Many companies, in order to cut costs, downsize their in-house engineering teams. Others simply do not have the time or resources available. This means that they need to get outside help when it comes to installing and maintaining specialist equipment such as drives and motors.

Packaged solutions

Customers are increasingly keen to have all components of their project provided by a single supplier that can integrate each product in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

Higher skill levels

The increasing importance of energy-efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions means that customers need a supplier that can offer the expertise required to unlock the advanced features of their drives and motors. Each member of the AVP programme must undergo rigorous and extensive training in order to understand many applications across all industries.

More engineering tools

Software engineering tools are now more powerful than ever before, and they’re a vital aid in improving energy efficiency and reducing harmonics. AVPs have the specialist knowledge to operate such tools and help improve the output from a motor-driven system.

Advanced products

An AVP has the skills and contacts to keep abreast of the latest developments in industrial technology and pass the benefits on to the client.

Why has Gibbons been selected as an AVP?

Gibbons was chosen to be an Authorised Value Provider following a stringent selection process. Companies joining the AVP network must:

  • Have a viable business that has been involved with motor-driven systems for several years
  • Invest in dedicated internal engineers, sales personnel and service engineers
  • Have suitable premises with a training facility and workshop
  • Agree stock levels and a joint business plan
  • Complete a series of rigorous training courses and exams.

This ensures that the high quality of technical support and product back-up expected by ABB customers is consistent throughout Authorised Value Provider operations.

How does AVP membership help Gibbons Group provide an even better service to its customers?

Being an Authorised Value Provider means that we’ll have access to a vast array of engineering and business software tools, comprehensive training programmes and an advanced logistics network to enable us to get products and support to our customers on time, every time.

Our contacts within ABB will allow us to recommend other products and services that could improve the energy efficiency or productivity of a plant or process. This ensures the customer gets the ideal product for their application, keeping their costs and carbon emissions to a minimum.

Is the AVP network different to the ABB Drives Alliance?

ABB previously ran several different programmes, including the Drives Alliance and Motor Service Partners, across various divisions of the business. This resulted in training, information access, contracts and other aspects becoming over-complicated. AVP replaces the ABB Drives Alliance and other brands with a single consistent recognisable global brand for drives and motors.

Does all this change the way I deal with Gibbons Group?

Not at all - you can still call us on 01621 868138 or email and deal with the same friendly team of experts. The difference now is that we’ll be able to help you source an even wider range of products and services to cover all aspects of your project. 


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